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Speedway Collaboration Growth for 2020

Happy Holiday’s! We are getting ready for a great 2020! Duke Children’s, James and Connie Maynard Children’s, and Mcleod Children’s Hospital got an early start for the New Year by collaborating on a presentation for Speedway Region 80 at their end of year meeting.


The hospitals were well received by Speedway management and employees and together they had a great brain storming session with the district managers following the hospital presentation. They are excited to work as a region supporting the six hospital markets they serve. At this meeting hospitals and Speedway were able to bridge connections between the hospitals themselves, the programs they fund, and the patients they are impacting.


In response to the hospital presentation Speedway is interested in hosting all six hospitals at a meeting or call early in the year, especially since they saw the potential to raise one half million dollars as a region next year through campaigns alone. Region 80 was excited to also increase their impact through employee giving, and discussed ways to jump start that in the new year. We are all excited to stay connected through our new Speedway Region 80 Cares About CMNH Facebook group!


There are plans to coordinate our efforts as hospitals with this partner moving forward, and take our successes to Regions 78 and 79 in the future.


2020 is looking to be GREAT!