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Meet Bayden!

As Bayden neared his second birthday, his parents were concerned: he was not gaining weight or eating, he threw up frequently, and he was missing many developmental milestones. Bayden’s family was frustrated by the lack of answers they were receiving from their local physicians, and decided to call Duke because of its world-class medical reputation.

Bayden’s Duke Children’s team immediately knew that his issues stemmed from problems with his kidneys. Bayden was diagnosed with bilateral hypoplastic chronic kidney disease, and his parents were told that we would need a transplant within the next 12-18 months. After Bayden’s initial appointment, the family spent several days in the hospital while his caretakers stabilized him. Bayden was given a medication that he had to take 21 times a day, and he also had to receive daily shots.

Fortunately, Bayden’s father was a perfect match to become the kidney donor for his son. The Duke Children’s team had never before transplanted an adult kidney into a baby, but Bayden’s team of physicians, surgeons, and caretakers were able to perform a successful procedure. Bayden’s parents credit the support of their amazing Duke Children’s team, especially their nurse practitioner, on helping them through a difficult time.

Bayden, now 16, goes to Duke monthly for monitoring, which will continue for the rest of his life. Bayden is thriving despite his medical setbacks: he is a straight-A student and a social butterfly who has been described as an “old soul.” His wish is for everyone to register to become an organ donor, and he is grateful to Duke and to the gift of organ donation for the healthy, happy life he enjoys today.