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Big-hearted boy

Noah’s hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a severe underdevelopment of the heart, was detected before he was born. Noah’s mother gave birth at Duke Children’s so that Noah could have open heart surgery immediately after birth. After several months in the hospital, it was determined that another surgery would be too risky—Noah needed a new heart. Fortunately, Noah did not need to wait long; after just three days on the transplant list, Noah received his heart. He was two months old.

Noah is now twelve and his heart still beats strong, thanks to the continuous care of the staff at Duke Children’s. Noah loves Legos, and gets a new set every time he visits Duke for monitoring. He also collects Hot Wheels, and has over 150 collector cars still in their packaging. His favorite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas

Noah’s parents say that to know him is to love him, and it is fitting that this big-hearted boy has a future thanks to a big-hearted gesture from his heart donor family and the care he received at Duke Children’s. Noah will require medication and regular clinical visits for his entire life, but he is here today thanks, in part, to the generosity of supporters like you.

Thank you for supporting Duke Children’s!