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Walmart and Sam’s Club associates have raised millions of dollars for kids treated at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals across North America. We asked a few associates to share the reasons they do so much to help kids live better. We’ll feature their responses in a series of posts. The U.S. Walmart and Sam’s Club #HelpKidsLiveBetter campaign runs June 22 – July 19. 

Allie seemed to be a medical mystery. Doctors couldn’t understand why this 10-year-old-girl was so tired, had no appetite and was experiencing so many aches and pains.

Despite a local pediatrician not being able to find any reasons for all these ailments, Rebecca Townsend, Allie’s mom, knew something was wrong. After yet another barrage of tests, Rebecca and Allie arrived home to find 16 messages on the home answering machine. Her doctor wanted Rebecca to get Allie to the hospital right away.

Not long after their arrival, the doctors transferred Allie to Duke Children’s Hospital and Medical Center. There they received the diagnosis: cancer. Over the next three years, Allie courageously battled leukemia as a high-risk patient because of her age. She took 47 pills a day and spent about four days per week at the hospital. Once a week she had to be hooked up to an IV.

“It felt like our lives were dominated by cancer,” Rebecca said.

Finally, the news came. Allie was cancer-free.

“We’re just so grateful for children’s hospitals,” Rebecca said. “If we didn’t have them, our daughter wouldn’t be the healthy, thriving, loving wife and mother of two that she is today.”

Today, Rebecca is an associate at Walmart #4335 in Falcon, CO, and a passionate fundraiser for her local hospital, Children’s Hospital Colorado.  She tells Allie’s story (and that of her son who was also treated at a children’s hospital) every chance she gets. She even participates in “Ugly Vest” fundraisers where whoever is wearing the vest must raise $20 before they can take it off.

Rebecca is one of thousands of Walmart and Sam’s Club associates who work hard to help kids live better. The #HelpKidsLiveBetter fundraising campaign at Walmart and Sam’s Club runs June 22 through July 19. Customers can donate to their CMN Hospital when they check out at their local Walmart or Sam’s Club. Donations are also being collected at, on the Walmart app or at