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Love’s Travel Stops Fueling Kids’ Health August 26-September 30

Love’s Travel Stops want to create ripple effects that can be felt for years to come at Duke Children’s, a member hospital of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Through the end of September, Love’s locations here in our community are raising money to fuel kids’ health and their futures.

When you are visiting your local Love’s, you can donate $1, $5, or $20 between August 26 and September 30 and make a difference for kids in our community. Through these donations, our hospital can provide treatments and healing that our patients desperately need today so that they can fulfill their potential for tomorrow.  Patients like Benjamin.

Benjamin was a happy kid, but he never played or crawled around. When he was 3, a doctor, social worker and nurse found that he was testing above his age, but didn’t move toward toys that weren’t close by. After watching Benjamin limp, his family realized something was wrong. His doctors found two tumors in his spinal bones, but they still had no answers. His family turned to Duke where, from the beginning, Benjamin had crayons to color with, videos to watch and a relentless medical team. They diagnosed Benjamin with chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis (CRMO). His body eats holes in his bone marrow then sends in more bone around the hole, causing immense bone pain. The lesions come and go, though he always has some in his legs and neck and, sometimes, his lower spine. Very little is known about the disease, and there is no cure. On those occasional terrible days, he can barely make it from his bed to the kitchen. But Benjamin never gives up. He goes to school, takes care of his chickens and goes to swim practice. He is a positive, powerful kid.

Love’s is a family owned and operated company that understands the importance of improving treatments at our children’s hospital, so we can address the most challenging health issues today to better prepare for the future.

Thanks to you and our local area Love’s for helping change kids’ health and change the future at Duke Children’s.