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All-Star Ride for Life Hosts 20th Annual Event

The 20th annual All-Star Ride for Life motorcycle benefit ride, hosted by Duke RN Stan Simmerson, was a huge success on Saturday, August 24.

Approximately 100 bikers rode weathered both heavy showers and light rain from Raleigh to Duke Children’s in Durham to hear from Benjamin, a 13-year-old patient. Benjamin has chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis, caused by his immune system wrongly attacking healthy bone, resulting in chronic pain and inflammation. Duke Children’s has identified a treatment plan that allows him to be active in school and in outside activities. In fact, he was headed to his very first 5K charity walk in Raleigh after sharing his story!

In its first 19 years, the Ride has raised nearly $290,000 – and the 20th annual Ride will certainly put the event over the $300,000 mark! It is always great to welcome so many All-Star friends – newcomers and regulars – to Duke Children’s each summer.