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A Second Chance for AnnaPaige

AnnaPaige is an outgoing and loving four-year-old with an incredible story. When she was four months old, she was diagnosed with progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis – type 2 (PFIC 2). This disorder causes progressive liver disease, leading to eventual liver failure.

When AnnaPaige was born she had persistent jaundice. A series of tests at her local children’s hospital provided no answers—AnnaPaige’s PFIC 2 was only diagnosed after genetic testing. AnnaPaige’s parents soon realized that their daughter would need a liver transplant to survive. After much research, they decided that the hope they needed could be found at Duke Children’s.

Duke Children’s guided AnnaPaige’s family through the transplant process; AnnaPaige’s mother says she’ll never forget seeing her daughter after her transplant: she wasn’t yellow anymore! The whole family is thankful for the care, concern, and patience shown to them not only during the transplant process, but also during the numerous outpatient check-ups AnnaPaige needs to remain healthy.

AnnaPaige is a kind and intelligent little girl. She plays soccer and does gymnastics, loves Elsa from Frozen, and enjoys pizza and chocolate. Her family hopes to one day meet the donor family who made the gift of organ donation during an unimaginable time—their difficult decision and the care of Duke Children’s gave AnnaPaige a second chance at life!

Thank you for supporting Duke Children’s and kids like AnnaPaige!